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Beach at Royan


The seaside property for sale at La Forêt d'Armotte is in one of the most beautiful regions of France


The residence is located just 8km from the pretty seaside town of Royan and 5km from St Palais-sur-mer of which Royan is the main town in this area of France. Royan has a long history as a seaside resort being one of the first resorts to arise out of the newly acquired fashion for sea-bathing in the early 20th century, not in small part due to being renowned as having some of the best beaches in France.


Royan's 5 sandy beaches spread either side of the town and range from nearby child-friendly beaches to the wild unspoilt beauty of the Cote Sauvage where you can find tranquillity only minutes from your property even at the height of the season. Because of its history there are many Belle Epoque Villas dating back to the 19th century which can be admired whilst taking a walk on the sea front and because it is the 4th largest town in the Charente-Maritime department you will find everything you will need here. This seaside town is the capital of the “Cote de beaute” located at the mouth of the Gironde Estuary- the largest estuary in Europe. It has a fishing port and a marina and although lively all year round is particularly busy in the summer as it is a popular seaside holiday destination.


Amongst other things you will find an excellent selection of restaurants and seaside cafes but also boutique shops, an outdoor sea water pool, a surf club, a museum, the gardens “Parc jardins du Monde”, a karting circuit (on the outskirts) and a casino here. The market here is the best in the Charente-Maritime and arguably in the whole of France and is open most days in the week; just wandering around the stalls sampling the local delights will be enough to keep bringing you back as there is such a great selection of foods, wines, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, meat and of course fish. In nearby La Palmyre you will find another golf course, a riding school, a racecourse, a zoo and amusement park and where you will find many surf and windsurf schools. It also has its own port.

La Rochelle


Just a 45 min drive away from the seaside property for sale at La Forêt d'Armotte is La Rochelle, one of the most charming cities on the west coast of France and the largest in the Charente-Maritime department. The city, which dates back to the 10th century, has a prestigious heritage and a fascinating history seen in its architecture which includes the medieval towers guarding the old port, its churches, its secret roads lined with arcades, its stately residences and aristocratic houses. It is a fairly wealthy and vibrant city with many arts, jazz and film festivals including the famous Francofolies film festival, all of which maintain an authentic quality which will draw you back year after year.


La Rochelle is also an important part of the French economy not only because of its tourism but also because it is home to many large French companies and often hosts national and international congresses at its exhibition centres. Access is easy being just 2hrs 50mins from Paris by TGV and there are regular flights from around the world including the UK to its airport “La Rochelle-Ile de Re”.

La Rochelle centre
Bordeaux Bourse



Bordeaux is just 1hr 30 mins from St Augustin-sur-mer and it is no exaggeration that it is one of the prettiest and majestic cities in the world and is on the UNESCO world heritage list as "an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble" of the 18th century. It is the prefecture of the Gironde department and the capital of the Aquitaine region whose economy is based on industry, wine-making and tourism. Many large companies are based here and is a big employer in the aeronautical and laser industries with the likes of Dassault and EADS Sogerma (amongst many others) based here. It is one of France’s biggest wine producing areas producing 960 million bottles per year and wine from the area is often referred to as “Claret” in the UK. Bordeaux was first settled by the Celts and then the Romans and has had a thoroughly rich history with existing architecture dating back to the 11th century including the Saint-Andre Cathedral. Its many churches, theatres, universities, museums, parks and gardens display its rich culture and along with the infamous “Place de La Bourse” on the river are truly awe-inspiring. It is just 3hrs from Paris by TGV and its airport Bordeaux-Merignac receives millions of visitors every year from all over the world including the UK.


Poitou-Charentes in figures:


1.7m inhabitants
24 golf courses
42 pleasure ports
6 centres for Thalassotherapy
4 Thermal SPAS
460km of coast (of which 110km are sandy beaches)
220km of navigable waterways
370,000 hectares of forest
3 UNESCO world heritage sites
6 villages in the “Best villages in France” category

2nd most popular tourist destination in France
1.83 billion Euros of revenue from the tourist industry

Vineyard in France
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