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The fabulous local gastronomie


The luxury houses for sale at La Forêt d'Armotte in South West France - are situated in one of France's most gastronomic regions.

So, as you can imagine fresh seafood is in abundance in this part of France with oysters, mussels, scallops, soft-shelled crabs, cuttlefish, carp, sea bass, dover-sole and much more being served up in delicious sauces up and down the coast. There are a number of traditional dishes in the area of which the Mouclade is one where mussels are cooked in white wine and covered in a creamy sauce- perfect with a baguette on a sunny afternoon! The Oysters here are also known to be the best in France, having obtained the prestigious “Red label” which sets them apart from any in France due their quality and taste - the best ones come from the “Marennes-Oleron” which is a harbour located on the Isle Oleron. The daily markets, never far from the luxury apartments and houses for sale at the development, offer a good supply of this fresh fish and shell-fish so you can dabble in some home-cooking or be lazy and sit by a seaside restaurant and be served- the choice is yours!

Wine in South West France

As you might expect, the area is also renowned for its excellent wines producing red, white and rose and indeed some sparkling wines. In fact the “Vins du Haut-Poitou” (which is just north of Poitiers) has earned itself the prestigious AOC label differentiating it from any other wine in France. Vineyards are to be found all over the region of Poitou Charentes but the area around Bordeaux (in the Aquitaine region) is even more infamous for its production of fabulous wines including the famous “Claret”.


This area around Bordeaux has 8,500 wine producing Chateaux producing more than 60 different appellations of wine most notably in the famous areas of St Emilion, Medoc, Graves and Pomerol. The Poitou-Charentes region is also famous for its Pineau; a fortified wine made from grape, must and Cognac and you can go on Pineau tasting tours at the various “Domaines” much like you can go on wine tasting trips to the vineyards. Last but not least, the area is renowned for its Cognac (a type of brandy or “eau de vie”) production and the Cognac houses often offer marvellous tasting sessions to visitors.

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