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1) Option a unit (lasts for 48 hours)
2) Send the mortgage application form to us ASAP (if applicable). If no mortgage is required leave out points 2 & 6.
3) If the client pre-approves for a mortgage or is a cash-buyer then he/she will need to send his 9,000 Euros deposit to the notaire's account. He/she will also need to complete the reservation form and send us a copy of his/her passport, marriage (if appropriate) and birth certificates.
4) Once we have proof of transfer from the client and the reservation form we will then complete the contracts from Avecoeur and the contractors we manage and post them to the client to sign and return to us.
5) Together with other contractors involved we will then countersign the contracts and post a copy back to the client to retain whereupon their 10 day cooling off period starts.
6) In order to complete the mortgage application the client will also need to send us their financial documentation and tax returns. The mortgage process usually takes about 6 weeks in order to get a mortgage offer printed which the client will need to sign and return (assuring the 11 day cooling off period has expired from the time of receiving the mortgage offer).
7) The Proxy and the draft of the act of sale will then be sent to the client (assuming he doesn't want to travel to France to sign).
8) The client must then sign the proxy in front of a notary public/solicitor with notarial powers and send it off to the Foreign and commonwealth office to obtain the apostille (the notary public/solicitor often offers this service but if not then we can handle it).
9) Once the apostilled proxy is posted to the notaire the notaire will call for any remaining funds from the client (if a 70% mortgage is taken then it will be 30% of the price inc VAT less any reservation deposit that was sent to the notaire) and will complete the sale shortly thereafter (the remaining funds coming from the bank if a mortgage is taken)
10) Stage payments will be made over the build period as each stage of the build is reached. This is confirmed in writing by the foreman/architect and a confirmation letter sent to the purchaser. If taking a mortgage this is then also sent to the bank in order to release further funds.
11) The “Mandat de gestion” contract is signed with the management company along with the terms of service with the accountant and the VAT recovery mandate (if requested). These are then sent to the appointed chartered accountant in order to recover the VAT as the stage payments are made.
12) The property is finished and the client is invited to come over to inspect the property and do a snagging list and test the lights/showers/WCs etc. Should the client not wish to do this themselves then we can do this on their behalf.
13) Any items listed in the snagging list are then dealt with, the property thoroughly cleaned and furniture and equipment are moved into the property, installation of fixtures and fittings are made and decorations added.   
14) The properties are prepped for rental (swimming pools/jacuzzis filled and cleaned, grass cut etc) and keys are handed over to the client and they are shown how everything works.


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